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Wedding Videography

Nov 13

Wedding videos are more than an actual day filled with blurry images and music that's cheesy. Contemporary videographers are able to capture photos of the most memorable moments that you can cherish throughout your life in the most contemporary formats that are never going trendy There are a lot of portfolios available to choose from, it's hard to select the one capable of tackling the job of creating a narrative that will continue for the rest of time about what happens "happily every day". It's the reason why picked a few of the most sought-after styles and techniques. Take the time to look through our collection and let your imagination become a part of your life.

Unusual moments

It's the moment to celebrate with your partner, with you and all the other family members who were there to celebrate this special wedding day. The traditional wedding video is centered around the wedding couple but doesn't overlook video footage from their family members during the thrilling time of filming. This includes the nephews and nieces who are also present! Imagine the happiness of everyone as they're all together in the few hours before the ceremony to mark what's bound to be a special anniversary, and with family members close at hand once again.

Interview Voiceovers, segments, and voiceovers

Voiceovers and interviews can be included within the videos to convey emotion. This is the idea behind Kevin's new series of two videos featuring voiceovers of family members and audio recordings of Pei Yein's brothers, who discuss their childhood memories with their mother, to create an emotional project that will make you shed tears in the middle of your day!

Attractive introductions

There is no need to begin your video with a description of the routine of waking up. Couples could opt to capture a moment they love, usually one of their spouses' vows, or greeting newlyweds right from the beginning! What about taking a different approach than Eric and Shana's wedding prelude which has the two fighting over water to capture the day before getting married? This could be more exciting than the standard opening sequences because everyone likes old-fashioned sibling rivalries that will make things interesting each and every now and then.

Aerial shots

Aerial images that display the affection of couples are typically captured using drones (a moving robot). The majority of couples prefer aerial photographs to capture intimate moments, However, Oliver And Weiyen were able to come up with their own plans. They were looking to create a thrilling track scene! The music that filled their hearts goes away when the video enters their home, and their light bulbs flicker. The video is then like you're waking from a deep sleep. Breakfast is waiting at your table, and real existence comes to you... until you see him open cabinets in this dreamlike setting which is an element of the wedding's videography called "Ollies".

Stop Motion Saves

This wedding video of videographer Oahu's bridal party pre-wedding is absolutely enjoyable for watching. The video starts with captions and photos and then moves into action. It mixes stop-motion and films which move to create an amazing video as they got closer over the length of. The video was brief but delicious at the same time! A typical save-the-date in stop-motion contains captions, photos, and music. There's not much dialogue in between!