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Newcastle Beach

Aug 3

About Newcastle Beach

Newcastle beach is a haven for water lovers. One of the best places to surf and swim in Australia, it has an excellent reputation as one with beautiful beaches that are perfect for sunbathing or family activities like fishing on weekends.

The waves of the Pacific Ocean crash against Newcastle's sandy beaches, creating perfect conditions for surfing. At any given time there will be several boards in use and dozens more available if you're looking to take up this fun pastime! 

If you're looking for a place that's more than just surfing, look no further. Newcastle Beach is one of Australia’s best locations in terms of both its waves and people! Explore through the city which has such rich history with so many things to do - from body boarding at the beach or hitting up some shops on King Street Mall; there really isn't an end too far when it comes down what kind of activities will satisfy your appetite while also giving back through charity work like fundraising events which support our community causes

Newcastle beach

What to do in Newcastle Beach

If you are looking for a scenic and relaxing walk, take the Bather's Way. The path leads through beautiful scenery that will make your heart soar! You can easily access this beach by using public transportation or car service providers.

The waves off of Newcastle Point are some of the best in Australia, and it's a favourite spot for board riders who want to catch that perfect wave. Also,liifeguards are on duty seven days a week during the swimming season so that you can swim anytime! Some of the facilities here include a volleyball net, change rooms and a kiosk.

Beach at Newcastle

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