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Is restoring an old car worth it?

Oct 6

Restomodling is expensive but a great way for classic cars to be on the road longer. Restomod companies may strip donor cars to their bare metal but not all donors will be able to do this. This is the unfortunate aspect of classic car care: Sometimes, it's impossible to restore them.

Tips to restore a classic car


With the money you have, buy the best car possible. Do not buy a junk car just to make a restoration project. An unrestored car is not going to make a great car. 


Be realistic about your budget. Paint costs are the same for a Porsche 911 as an Austin Alegro. It's still expensive to paint the Porsche 911 and you still need to prepare it. However, Porsche is more valuable and therefore easier to justify the extra expense. No matter how much your car is worth, 100 hours of welding will be required. The car's worth does not affect the restoration costs.


Buy as close as possible to the original model. You will always get more value out of it over the long term. The fewer repairs you make to it, the less money that you spend on fixing them when they fail.

When is restoring classic cars valued for the investment

Classic car restoration can be a great investment if you're looking to restore a classic vehicle for enjoyment and money in the end. Restoring classic cars is a time-consuming and expensive hobby. Classic car restoration can be a great investment if you're willing to spend time and money to bring a piece of historical history back to life.

Reviving an abandoned car is worth it sometimes depending on the model of the car.